While packing for a move, I found that I couldn’t keep track of all the things — whether we had packed certain items, whether they were essential for our first trip up, etc. I ended up creating an airtable to keep track of all the things and statuses:

After a couple of days, I realized I was getting very attached to finalizing and completing this ‘model’ of things to be packed rather than on the end result — being packed. Not that the packing wasn’t getting done; I was just very emotionally invested in my table.

Models in UX design

At work, I’ve noticed…

photo by Scott Web

This spring, my partner and I searched for homes up and down the state and came across a variety of realtors.

In the various mindsets I saw in the realtors, I saw reflections of the mindsets of a UX designer. It brought to light how much UX design is a service-oriented job — we are often the conduit between complex, unfriendly systems and the real live human being who is our user.

Realtor (and UX designer) mindsets:

1. Not wanting to rustle feathers

In a realtor. One of our realtors didn’t want to find out information about a house because they didn’t want to bother or annoy the listing agent. For…

LGPA Women’s Network

I’m working on a new project at work that involves multiple products and multiple stakeholders and no agreed upon goal. My normal way of approaching it would be — get all the info. Get the tech constraints. Get everyone on the same page. Prioritize what’s being built when. Design a scalable MVP that is buildable now.

I was challenged by the design team’s leads to take a different approach— start blue sky, and then pull the direction of the product to ideal state, even if you’re looking at a reality that is years away. I was also asked to use…

Over the last year, our design team shifted in focus from design strategy and product strategy to more pure pixel output. This came with pros and cons of course. The pros were that our team had the time and resources to create a design system and to modernize and our visual language. The cons were we lost some of our muscles in product strategy, design thinking, and user experience research.

Personally, as someone whose path to user experience design was circuitous and…did not involve a ton of visual design, because of the team’s renewed focus, I had the opportunity to…


As a Korean-American female who has rarely been in environments with women of color in leadership, I was overjoyed to see Kamala Harris sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

Just the visuals alone gave me pause, and am trying to unpack why:

A woman of color elevated in a position of power

Seeing Kamala Harris presiding over an important institution like the Senate, the Senators seated below her mostly white and male, shocked me with its unusualness. I was further surprised at unusual this felt.

Only in the past few years I have started to be in environments where I’m the only female-of-color in a meeting of…

The premise of “Atomic Habits” (James Clear) is that simple micro habits add up to make up who you are, and the most effective way of growing is not by setting long-term goals, but by adopting the behavior of the person you want to become. So instead of “I’m going to write a book”, you start with “I’m a writer, and I can see this is true because I write everyday”.

The book also advocates for breaking habits into their smallest and easiest components, and to focus efforts on setting the first step in motion. …

I know some designers would balk at the idea of staying at a single company for 1 year, let alone 3 years. Yet I’m hitting the 3 year mark at my company, and looking back, I’ve stayed because the team is like family, and leadership changes at a rate where it feels like I’m learning and growing at a different company every year.

While I feel like I work hard and am not necessarily a cynical person, I realized today that I’ve also built up some innate assumptions as my experience has grown. Negative assumptions of how a project will…

I’ve learned from my HCI training that part of my role as a designer to take ambiguity and clarify it into solutions. But where is the line between stepping up and adding value, and where you’re doing other peoples’s jobs for them?

Designers wearing all the hats

Over the past year my organization has been going through a ‘digital transformation’. What does that mean? For the org, it means shifting from a model where digital experience was an afterthought, to where design is at the forefront of what we do.

Meanwhile, the internal design team has shifted from embedded designers in product teams to an…

How my team went from zero to code in 24 hours


Hackathons can be tough — especially going from zero product definition to a functioning prototype. Here is the process my team took.


  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 design intern

Design materials

  • Lucidchart for brainstorming
  • Google map API
  • Ant design system for react components (chosen because of its fairly extensive documentation and its relatively non-branded look)
  • Sketch for designing
  • Plant app for syncing between designers
  • Zeplin and Codesandbox for communicating between design/dev

We started off running with a streamlined design and dev process focused on creating a functioning MVP.

1. Understand boundaries and constraints

Things we knew:

A case study on using observations when designing in healthcare


I worked as a UX designer for a company that created cloud-based software with the goal of helping health coaches deliver clinically-approved content to people participating in a wellness program. Although the UX team conducted weekly usability tests with health coaches to test new features, we needed more information on how users interacted with the suite of products. Four product managers and I were selected to visit two coaching centers to observe user workflows and pain points.


Contextual inquiry
User interviews
Participatory design
User surveys
High-fidelity prototypes (html/css/js)
Usability testing


Lucy Lee

User Experience Designer

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