Bite-sized UX principles


As a working UX professional, I find it difficult to find time for personal learning in between meetings and pixel pushing. It’s also difficult to brush up on design theory and principles when I’m focusing on production design.


Bite-sized UX principles!


5–10 min every morning



Choose a design principle

I tend to choose principles that I’d like to learn how to explain better in my daily work. For example, I chose to draw a flexibility tradeoff (the idea that a product’s increase in flexibility causes decreases in usability and performance), because I wanted to better explain why one experience that fits the needs of 3 different user types would result in decreased usability for all.

Think of the core visuals that encapsulate the principle

What are some everyday objects where you see a flexibility tradeoff? The more concrete, the easier it is to draw. For example, microwaves, TVs, pocket knives, so on.


Simple lines > beautiful ornate artwork. Plus limiting yourself to a post-it poses natural constraints.


Your coworkers or social media followers will appreciate you sharing quick, bite-sized chunks of knowledge with them, since they likely share similar challenges of finding time for learning.

User Experience Designer

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